Explosin in Paris

Paris explosion caused by suspected gas leak injures dozens, damages buildings, police say

The explosion happened at the Paris American Academy, officials said.

Explosin in Paris
Paris American Academy
Dozens of people were injured and hundreds were sent running for safety in central Paris after an explosion caused by a suspected gas leak rocked the city Wednesday afternoon, according to police and firefighters.The incident took place around 4:55 p.m. local time at the Paris American Academy on Rue Saint-Jacques, officials said. As of Wednesday night, four people were listed in critical condition, 33 victims were in serious condition and two were unaccounted for, according to French Interior Minister Gérard Darmanin.
"It is possible that we will find bodies or people who are still alive tonight," he said at a news conference.The State Department is not aware of any U.S. citizens injured or killed in the explosion, a State Department spokesperson told ABC News.

The State Department is "in communication with local authorities" as they investigate what happened, the spokesperson said.
"The United States expresses our sympathies to those affected by the explosion," the spokesperson added.The explosion shattered nearby windows and sent thick smoke into the air throughout the afternoon.
Hundreds of firefighters and police raced to the scene as civilians ran for safety. The facade of the building completely collapsed.Fire department crews were able to contain the fire and search and rescue teams were going through the rubble.
The Paris prosecutor told that nearby buildings in the area have been evacuated due to concerns about their structural integrity following the explosion. Police officials told reporters that a preliminary investigation appears to show a suspected gas leak may have been the cause, but the probe is ongoing.
The U.S. Embassy said it was not aware of any Americans involved in the incident.

Source: ABC News


  1. The explosion happened at the Paris American Academy, officials said.

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