Netanyahu: War cabinet will decide on ground operation timing

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: Even I have to answer for October 7

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the security vulnerabilities in the law enforcement forces, which were revealed by the attacks on October 7, will be examined and even he will have to be held accountable for the issue.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that even he had to answer for the attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7 and the security breach. Netanyahu said, "October 7 is written as a dark day in our history. But the issue of accountability can only begin after the war is over." Holding a press statement on the 19th day of the war, the prime minister stated that the security vulnerabilities in the Israel Defense Forces would be investigated in detail and that everyone, including himself, would be held accountable. The statement followed comments by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and other senior military officials that the military was failing.

"As Prime Minister, I am responsible for securing the future of the country. My current duty is to lead the state of Israel and its people to an overwhelming victory," said Netanyahu, adding, "Now is the time to unite forces for a single goal. Binyamin Netanyahu also said that the army is preparing for the ground operation against Gaza, but the decision on the timing of the operation will be made by the government's special war cabinet.

Netanyahu said, "We are preparing for the ground operation. When it will happen, how it will happen, I will not go into the details of these." said. The Prime Minister also announced that a national mourning will be declared for those who lost their lives in the October 7 events in the coming days.
source: euronews

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