'Humanitarian search' ends in Gaza

Israeli army resumes attacks 

Netanyahu says Hamas broke truce by refusing to release more hostages. In the last hour, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Hamas did not agree to release further hostages, which violated the terms of the truce.Hamas did not release all women hostages as agreed and attacked Israel with rockets this morning, Netanyahu's office adds.
In a statement on social media, his office says Israel remains committed to achieving its objectives - to free hostages, eliminate Hamas and to "ensure that Gaza will never pose a threat to the residents of Israel". As the Israeli military resumed combat operations, it accused Hamas of violating the terms of a temporary truce.Shortly before the ceasefire was due to expire, sirens sounded in southern Israel, and the Israeli army said it had intercepted a rocket launched from Gaza.The Hamas-run Interior Ministry said multiple areas had been hit by Israeli airstrikes.

The truce led to the release of more than 100 hostages being held in Gaza – but around 140 remain in captivity. The restart in hostilities is likely to worsen the humanitarian crisis in the territory, amid shortages of essential supplies.
source: bbc

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