Temporary ceasefire in Gaza

What is the latest situation in the hostage exchange between Hamas

After Hamas released 17 hostages on Saturday, Israel handed over 39 Palestinian prisoners. The implementation of the agreement continues despite delays within the scope of the 4-day temporary ceasefire. As part of the hostage exchange agreement reached between Tel Aviv and Hamas, Israel released 39 more Palestinian prisoners on Sunday morning.
A Qatari spokesman said that 33 of the 39 Palestinian prisoners were children and six were women. Among those released was 38-year-old Israa Jaabis, who has been imprisoned since 2015 after being convicted of carrying out a bomb attack that "caused the injury of an Israeli police officer." In the statement made by the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, it was said: "We embrace the 17 hostages who returned home, 13 of whom are our citizens and four of whom are Thai citizens." 

The statement also stated that they received the list of hostages to be released on Sunday, and that this list was the third of the four exchanges agreed upon. The exchange process was briefly suspended after Hamas accused Israel of violating the agreement; However, Qatari and Egyptian mediators stepped in and resolved the problem. As part of the agreement, seven children and six Israeli women, mostly from Kibbutz Be'eri, were released. Although one of the preconditions put forward by Israel for the exchange was that the families of the abducted were not divided, at least two families from Be'eri Kibbutz were divided. 
source: euronews

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