The EU demanded an explanation from Poland

Which was accused of selling visas for money

In Poland, which built a wall on the Belarusian border to prevent illegal immigration, the government is accused of distributing visas in exchange for money.
European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson wrote a letter to the Polish government asking for an "clarification" on allegations of granting visas in exchange for money. "These allegations are extremely worrying and raise questions about compliance with EU law," a Commission spokesman said. Johansson's letter, which has not been made public, requests answers to a series of "detailed questions" by October 3.

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its missions abroad are accused of setting up an illegal system that allows rapid issuance of visas to immigrants from Africa and Asia in exchange for extraordinary sums of money. The visa, issued by Poland, a member of the Schengen area, grants holders free entry to 27 countries across Europe, including Switzerland and Iceland, as well as Mexico, which has a land border with the United States.

Reports in Polish media suggest that approximately 250 thousand visas have been issued since 2021 in exchange for bribes costing thousands of dollars each. The Polish visa is seen as an intermediate step before moving to another country. In one case revealed by Polish news portal Onet, a group of Indians paid close to $40,000 for visas. Pretending to be working on a Bollywood movie, the group flew to Poland and then went to America. Citizens of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Philippines, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are also believed to have paid inflated fees.
source: euronews

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