Laatste situatie in Gaza

Palestinians are looking for a place to go

The people are stuck in the south of Gaza, where Israel's land and air operations continue. The army ordered mass evacuations from Gaza's second largest city, Khan Younis, and its surroundings. Israel intensified its bombardment of Gaza's second largest city, Khan Younis, and its surroundings in its attacks to 'destroy Hamas'. While warplanes hit an area around Khan Younis, the army ordered mass evacuations from the city in response to the expanding ground operation. 

Palestinians are being pushed into a smaller and smaller part of the besieged area, raising questions about what will happen to them. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians do not know where to go within the borders of southern Gaza. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned about the seriousness of the situation in Gaza.

Speaking via video conference from Rafah, WHO's head of Palestine, Dr. Richard Peeperkorn said, "We are approaching humanity's darkest hour. These bombings and senseless loss of life must stop and we need a permanent ceasefire." said. The number of people leaving the center and south of the Gaza Strip has "increased significantly", Peeperkorn told reporters in Geneva.

"The situation is getting worse with each passing hour. Bombardments are intensifying everywhere, including in the southern regions. Many people are helpless and in a state of almost permanent shock," the WHO representative said. "This war on children has resumed with a level of brutality that exceeds anything we've seen in the south and is certainly on a scale with anything we've seen in the north," UNICEF spokesman James Elder said in Cairo.

source: euronews

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